Happy Halloween to the Benoist’s

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Well, I am just thought I would send a special hello the everyone who actually looks at this blog.

I just have to say to all of you that I love you .. and enjoy working with you all, on keeping this website up and active.. it is active for 2 years so thought you would enjoy seeing something knew here. I promise to post more interesting things here.

Love Rachel

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween to the Benoist’s

  1. Shah

    Hey Rachel… huh, very cool site.
    Gives me an idea to do a Family themed BLOG for my own. We’ve got family spread all over the Globe, so would be a cool way to keep everyone updated.

    Makes me wonder if you can edit privacy settings for people only based on invites though? Don’t want the whole inter-webs our b’ness.

    But very cool site. Cool to see you doing something for your family like that. Love the old fashion retro banner. Looking forward to checking more of your stuff out…

    1. Rachel Post author

      Hi Shah, I think there is allot of privacy setting with WordPress, that is what I am using for this blog, you can have things that only certain members can read. This application is very user friendly, I mean seriously very user friendly. However, my family is afraid to use it. I made the banner myself, I used, family photos. i am glad you like it. Nice to met you! Rachel


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