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Hello Family & Friends…

As you all know, I have been paying for website.  A few years ago Joel paid for current URL.  So finally, I decided to add a family blog.  Because I want the family to all take part it makin our website personal.  (Honestly… I really don’t know what content to add. )

Please register and post something… and enjoy… love you!!!

Rachel Benoist
aka website designer

2 thoughts on “New Website for Benoist’s

  1. Cami Stjulien

    I have seen many blogs like this blog. Actually I have toyed with the idea of trying to create one exactly like this as well, though I am not savvy enough on how to do it. Tell me about this so-called web2.0 all about? Is it hard to learn? Is it necessary to be versatile in computers to set up a blog? I am hoping to design a similar blog for my esl free website. Can the features be added seamlessly into an existing website?

    1. Rachel Post author

      I find this blogging software really easy to use, I feel like I am cheating being a website designer and all, I just wanted something that my mother can use easily without, having to learn HTML.. ext.. you should check it out..


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