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Frank BenoistFrank_Benoist_edited-214x300

– Born Dec 31-1884 in Nelson BC and died on May 16 1965 in Montreal QC


Nella Anne Bowen

– Born Nov 16 1915 in China and died June 14 1984 in Toronto ON

Frank was a Government Official working in China ,and met Nella Bowen in Hong Kong who was at that time working as a Travel Guide. They got married in Hong Kong around 1935 they had 3 Sons.

  • Charles       born on Jan 31 1936 in Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Franklin     born on May 19 1940 in Shanghai,  China
  • Victor          born on Sept 12 1944 in Montreal QC Ontario

Durning the war Japan invaded China there was many deaths and it was very hard to get food or supplies due to the fact that Frank was a Canadian Offical the Red Cross helped them return to Canada with Frank’s older Daughter Louise Born Feb 02 1922 from a previous marrage and their 2 sons young Charles and Franklin they arrived in Montreal around 1943.

Nella and Frank bought an income property in Montreal and lived upstairs and rented the first floor out to help them live. Victor was born there.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Benoist Léo

    Hi, I found your website during my research for a domain name for my family. So beautiful website and hello from a Benoist’s family in France.

  2. Glynis Durrant


    My name is Glynis Durrant and I live in Salamander Bay NSW Australia. My mother Francoise Paulin and my grandmother Marie Louise Paulin lived with Frank Benoist and his family in Hong Kong from about 1931. Grandma died in about 1938 in Hong Kong and Mum evacuated to Australia in 1940.

    I believe that Frank and my Grandma were cousins.

    I am seeking any information about my mother and grandmother and their time in Hong Kong with Frank and his family.

    Regards Glynis

  3. Glynis Durrant

    Perhaps my previous email confused you there are some things I should point out starting with the fact we are aware that our mother was adopted by Frank Benoist in Hong Kong I have the papers which state Frank was her uncle. I have some shipping records stating that Frank wrote on an re entry into Canada from Hong Hong that he will staying with Marie-Louise Paulin My grandmother stating the relationship as being cousin.

    Our only concern is trying to pursuit my family tree and have come to a grinding halt and hope the relationship to Frank may be steer us in a direction where we can pick up the trail.

    We want nothing other than information as mum died some years ago after a stroke and was not able to communicate for the best part of 10 years prior to her death. We have some sketchy info from conversations earlier which proved inaccurate in respect of names and places.

    Any help would be great.


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