Uncle Frank, Rachel, Victor and Uncle Charlie

This is my wedding photo, which includes my Uncle Frank, me, my father and my Uncle Charlie.

I am the owner of the website and the one who mainly uses this website. My blogs are mainly my thoughts and ideas that relate to my family, memories and musings. If my family finds something wrong with a post, I will discuss it with them, and maybe take it down.

I have 3 children of my own, named Raisa Anne, Sarah Louise, and Devin Earl Victor. They are the light of my life and I love them very much. I am currently single and living with my daughter Sarah, and our 2 cats, Ralph and Willow.

I have a college degree in computer programming that I earn in 2002. I use my skills to work on this website when I have the time. I also enjoy video games, reading, drawing, painting, and blogging. I am interesting in streaming my game play, but not sure when I will do that.

I love my family very much, and hope that this site will be a place to share our common interests and love for one another. We all have personal email available to us, and I can set them up as needed.

Sending lots of love,