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Male Audience Participant

I was inspired by my sister Naomi once again to look inwards towards myself, and try to find something that gives me joy. So in middle of summer last year, I decided to go back to my creative routes to explore my passion for drawing.  I have been drawing for a long time but never took the craft seriously.  So guess being 41 years old.  So I figured it was finally time, I started this by calling the local 211 number to find drop ins for a place to go to meet people and draw.

So it brings to me, to this point in my life where I feelcomfortable to share my artwork with friends and family. Please note that I have posted artwork in early posts but there are no words from me the artist.  So here is my first official blog entry.


Female Singer

Female Singer

Since, early July, I have been attending a drop centre called Art Heart to meet other people who are interested in the “Creative Arts”.  I have met many wonderful people there whom I can share my creative interests with other artists who equally share their techniques and skills .  What a world that has opened up for me.  I found some inner piece and joy that is unexplainable to put in a blog, so I hope it shows in my work.  🙂

I loose myself while holding a pencil for hours, or just painting something with a friend or alone in my kitchen.  I have been reading and practicing as much as possible.  The following pieces here are quick sketches that I have done to learn how to capture a pose of a person, to practice drawing.  They are not the greatest but I am learning quickly, and it is fun .  You learn allot really fast trust me.  I promise myself to do more it soon.  I was out with my sister, enjoying some local Toronto talent, and I decided to practice my craft, here is an example of one so far.

The actual woman is so much more beautiful in person.  Believe me. Honey Novick, she is very talented.

Male Guitar Singer

Male Guitar Singer


Male Guitar Singer 2

Next is a drawings done the same night of several different men who were singing. I have to say I was a bit distracted by the music.  All of them where awesome to listen to.



Which brings me to my latest work,where I took a photograph and took my time.  I still believe I need more practice.  What do you think?

Micheal Douglas Drawing by Rachel

Micheal Douglas Drawing by Rachel

This one was done only a few days ago, one in the

wee hours of the morning because I couldn’t sleep and was feeling slightly under the weather and needed to settle my mind.  Enjoy.


Rachel Benoist

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